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Behind the Gate of Expertise for Level 999

Skriven av Cipsoft on onsdag 02 september 2015
Tibians, are you up for a game?

Read the following story first, then find the rules to the game here! You can win premium time, CM Tokens and arcane insignias, so reading on might really be worth it!

The Story
Curiositor has met Hairycles on one of his scouting expeditions north of Tiquanda, in Banuta. Ever since they have become friends, he has been helping the leader of the apes whenever it had been necessary. For example, one time he figured out how to decipher a parchment for him, or another time he helped him out with a hydra egg.
He has fought many tough fights in the name of Hairycles already, but what he has been asked to do now, was on the edge of being too much to ask from a friend.

Already during his last expedition for Hairycles that had brought him to the Forbidden Lands, Curiositor had believed that he would not make it back in one piece. Back then, he had already wanted to tell Hairycles that the dangers of these missions are too much for him.
However, when he had returned in one piece, proudly showing the giant ape's hair that he had retrieved from these dangerous lands for his friend, he had felt an immense amount of pride rise up inside of him and he had quickly decided back then to quit the whining and to present himself as an all-time hero.
And now here he was, once again, risking his life because he had not been brave enough to admit to his fears. He was on a path that could easily mean his end. This time, for real. He found himself facing bonebeasts, serpent spawns, hydras and medusae. All this fighting only in order to destroy the statue of the snake god, which was the new mission he had been sent on by Hairycles.
If he were to survive this journey, he thought to himself, he would really set things straight this time. He did not want to be sent on any other dangerous mission for the apes. It had finally become time to confess his fears.

When recounting his adventures, Curiositor had always skipped the part that he had usually been lucky enough to meet companions on his ways who helped him. Hairycles had never heard a word of this. No wonder he continued to send him on missions like this! Curiositor was perfectly aware that he had been sent into this hell only because of his need to boast.

Luck had been with Curiositor for this mission, too. He had run into a group of strangers who were headed into the same direction and he proceeded along with them to fullfil his job. Alone, he would not have stood a chance. And even though Curiositor had to withstand the urge to flee several times on this trip, he managed to complete the mission. He felt already very tired and exhausted when he finally smashed down the hammer on the statue in order to destroy it.

While searching the area for an easy way out, Curiositor discovered a closed door with the typical light of a teleporter shining through it. He was certain that this would be a short cut back home. When he tried the door knob, though, he heard a whispering: "Only the worthy may pass."

only the worthy

The Game

And now, Tibians, here is the game: What would you expect behind the famous gate of expertise, the door that can only be passed with or above level 999?

Head on over to the featured article thread to find detailed instructions about how to participate, and let us know...

...what's behind that door?
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